Fake PBR Shader

hey guys,
i wanted to show you my Fake PBR Shader…
its based of en unlit material. so ever light and shading logic i custom made…

i did this material to better understand PBR and to use gloss/specluar textures in unreal.
(i know its not really needed but i just wanted realize this as challange :cool:)




the shader is still WIP, so this are the things i have tweak/fix:
-the CubeMap is a bit too dark and the light information seems to be not right either
-the metal and gloss logic have slightly different results
-tweak the shadeing logic
-use accurate PBR formal

i read many papers about PBR shading but its hard to translate this into the shader, does someone know a PBR shading formula for dummys paper or something like this?

do you think features such as shadowing could be implemented ? if that is the case , creating a shading model just using materials could be an alternative to modifying the engine .

with a bit of tweaking this should be possible already…

i already have values for light color, direction and ambient color…
the ambient intensity is set to 0.1, with 0.0 the shadow is black…

its not so good to see but you should get the point…

Can you show a bigger image of the graph ? or something that possible to check the nodes ?