Fake fluid simulation with collision ?

I would like to create an effect where a big ‘stream’ of water would go down from a pipe, wait a second, and then “jump” to the side (not too realistic, but still).

Since UE4 doesn’t currently have any built-in support for fluid simulation, I was thinking on creating that simulation
in blender and then exporting and importing it back.

The problem is - how do I make it collide with my non-flat ground? That is:

  1. When the big water stream go down from the pipe - it needs to wait on the ground, but the ground isn’t flat - how do I do that?
  2. When the water ‘jump’ to the side, it needs to know where to jump to - again, the target jump location will probably not be the same height, and not flat either.

How can I accomplish those things?

I know about the external branches/builds of Nivdia, although I can’t seem to find enough information
about which platforms it supports (consoles? which ones?), and would very much like not to build the game engine from source