Failure of spawning players with "player start"

I was working on some really basic stuff which is to make local two players game with split screen. I drag two “player start” reference in my world. And I use “create player” to create the second player. I learn all those things from YouTube. People said, UE will spawn the first player by default. But for me, it seems like everything is really random. Like the last snapshot shows, sometimes the second player is not spawned successfully. I only got a camera view, but no second car . By checking the Outliner there is no second car’s blueprint reference. Also I am really confused, why in UE’s default template project “advanced vehicle”, there is already a car even before I click “play”. If I just drag the vehicle’s blueprint into the world, not split screen effect is generated, so I have to use blueprint to spawn players.
I did a test,if I use the original “advanced vehicle” template, and drag a “player start” to the world, everything is fine. The problem is, as long as I delete the existing vehicle and drag two “player start” into the world, one of two vehicles won’t be spawned successfully like the last snapshot shows.

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What is your setup for your game mode? I know you’ve watched a lot of youtube already, but I went from zero knowledge of multiplayer to having a rough working version of drop-in, drop-out local multiplayer in an hour after watching [Wes Gunn’s tutorial][1] about it.

In short, you’ll create:

  • Custom Player Controller: BP logic to use controller/kb presses to spawn and despawn
  • Custom Game State, with BP logic to spawn/despawn and create a specified number of players
  • Custom Init Pawn: he does nothing here, but in my game, this has a UI that allows you to pick a team and shows the game score/timer
  • Per-player UI
  • Custom Game Mode, which you specify in the project settings, and ties all of the above together.

I’m not at my machine right now, so I can’t paste my code. If that would be helpful (or acceptable as an actual answer), let me know and I’ll update as soon as I can.

ETA: I don’t have enough rep to directly paste a link (I think that’s why it’s not showing up). So just go to youtube and search “blueprint implementing local multiplayer” and you’ll find it. It’s from the official Unreal Engine channel