Failing "Cast To" blueprint as object

So UE 4.7.5 here wondering why my blueprint “Cast to” keeps failing?

im trying to set vector variable in BTTask blueprint via levelbp.
Goal here is just to quickly get rough route for AI where goto vectors are set by triggervolume locations in levelpb.

So Gotopoint is vector variable in BTTask blueprint StartPoint
and pic is from levelblueprint where gotopoint should be changed by reaching & selecting next triggervolume (just first point in pic)

Picture of bp

can i even cast to BTTasks like this? what would be the best fix, since im planning to use this on multiple levels & multiple points per level!

if i take away “cast to” and just try to move it to location of player from inside the “StartPoint” BTTask it works just fine so it must be the “cast to” in levelblueprints not working

Thank you

A Cast can also fail if the object passed into it, is None. I see you’re doing the Cast on BeginPlay. Is it possible that StartPointBp has not been initialized yet?

Actually, there should be no need to cast StartPointBp to class StartPoint because that’s what it already is. You could use an IsValid check instead.