Failed to open map file after swarm wouldnt launch when building lighting

I get this message when I try to open my project: Failed to open map file. This is most likely because the map was saved with a newer version of the engine.

I was working on a level and rebuilt the lighting, but it wouldn’t. It said something about swarm not launching. I was able to build the lighting 2 minutes before this and all I did in between builds was sculpt my landscape a little bit.

Now I get an error message and and empty black scene.

Hi Jay Turns,

Thank you for your bug report. In order to help us reproduce this issue, we could benefit from some additional information. Please see this post for some bug-reporting-guidelines which can be very helpful, and then Edit your post with any additional information you can provide.


Howdy Jay Turns,

Just wanted to check in with you and see if the building lighting issue is still occurring for you since the new updates. If it still is, could you follow the link in the above comment about “How to report a bug”, For the time being I am going to close this issue for track purposes.

Thanks and have a great day!