Failed to load skeletal mesh

Hi all,

This is a load error that greets us with each editor load. The filepath is correct, the character (and therefore SK mesh) works fine in-game and we’ve tried reimporting the meshes. The mesh 0 suffix is suspicious given there is only one skeletal mesh…

Any ideas anyone?

Did you ever fix this? I am having a similar issue after moving the skeletal mesh to a different folder. Everything seems to load fine. I only get the error saying it failed to load.

Unfortunately not. We figured there was a dependency somewhere that hadn’t been updated with the file location change. We ended up using an in-house made mesh in the end so the problem disappeared. I suggest trying to build an exe and check the reports. They’re a million times more useful.

Im having the dale issue Failed to load /Game/505_Survival_Mocap_Animations/Retargeting/Characters/Mannequins/Meshes/SKM_Manny.SKM_Manny Referenced by FirstPersonMesh_Manny_GEN_VARIABLE hope theres a fix everything runs fine but i always get this error when loading.