Failed to initialize libOVR CAPI Error: -3001

I’ve just installed the 4.15.1 update and whenever I lunch the engine a message with the “Failed to initialize libOVR CAPI Error: -3001” shows up.
This has never happened to me as I had the engine for years and have created many VR projects with it. The only difference between now and then is that I had to reinstall windows and reinstall all programs all over again and the unreal engine software was located on a different drive than C. So now, although I have the oculus isntalled, the configuration utility running as sa service and the helmet itself connected and proven, the message still swows and the vr preview is grayed out inside the programl I also cannot produce or package any content in VR anymore. What can be happening here any ideas??? Thanks!

I’m also having this problem. Hadn’t considered the different drive aspect. Might investigate that further.

Any help from the community would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Did you get this working?