Failed to cook for windows with an unknown error


So I’m in a group doing a university project that we’ve used Unreal 4 for, but we’ve encountered an unknown error when attempting to cook / package the final project (We’re using UE4.12.5)

Unfortunately we aren’t particularly savvy with analyzing these issues, and our game runs fine in-engine.

Below I’ve attached the log from the Automation Tool logs in AppData, as from what we could see this was where the issues occurred and it was always the automation tool that would throw us out of the cooking process.

After that first link, I included the UAT log that was beside it in the same directory, as our cook would fail just as it said it was copying UAT files.

link text

link text

If anyone knows what has went wrong and how to fix it, or if any other info is needed, please let me know. My team and I would be very grateful if this could be solved.

Hey Traslogan,

Ensure condition failed: AttachmentRules.LocationRule == EAttachmentRule::KeepRelative && AttachmentRules.RotationRule == EAttachmentRule::KeepRelative && AttachmentRules.ScaleRule == EAttachmentRule::KeepRelative [File:D:\Build++UE4+Release-4.12+Compile\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Private\Components\SceneComponent.cpp] [Line: 1482]
AttachToComponent when called from a constructor is only setting up attachment and will always be treated as KeepRelative. Consider calling SetupAttachment directly instead.

That’s the main error I’m seeing in your logs. The error message is pointing to an issue where you are calling AttachToComponent in the constructor. Change that to SetupAttachment in whichever class(es) you have using this method and it should complete successfully. If after resolving this error, you are still seeing more issues please provide the new output log.