Failed Epicgames login with RealityCapture

Hey folks!

I’m having issues activating my Reality Capture license using the epic games login. I’m running a few EC2 instances in AWS for this workload. These are g5.16xlarge instance running Windows Server 2019. It seems like some instances work, while others don’t.

When prompt to activate RealityCapture I select the Epic Games login. I’m directed to login and solve the captcha. I solve the captcha and receive the following error: Incorrect response. Please refresh the page. Under the hood inside the network response tab has the error code: I’ve tripled check and I’m positive I’m selecting the right options (unless I dont know what a chicken looks like).

I’ve tried the solution on this post but it didn’t work: Not Able to Login in RealityCapture using Epic Games Account! (with credits) - #10 by fluadlwirt

Has anyone else experience this? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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