Failed content review

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Unreal Editor for Fortnite

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My map got rejected due to “The content within your creative island”

“Use the “Contact Us” form to appeal this decision”

The “Contact Us” link doesn’t work

it redirects to…

what should I do?

Steps to Reproduce

click this link

it should take you to the contact us form but it doesn’t

Expected Result

it should take you to the contact us form but it doesn’t

Observed Result

it redirects you to



by the way, this is the content of my island

it’s just a way to view all 245 of the UEFN standard materials on walls and floors to make it easier for content creators to choose a material

so how can the Failed Content Review reason be “The content within your creative island”?

there’s no guns or eliminations, you just get to look at materials and their names, you can also switch between daylight and moonlight to see how the materials look

it’s the least offensive map, all you can do is look at UEFN materials, there’s not even a pickaxe

this is the private version code if that helps : 1402-0957-3270

can anyone give me a link to how to appeal this decision please?