Fail to Create Render Target 2D over 256px with Autogenerate Mipmaps on

Hi there, I hope you can help me with this one (midgunner66, Arkiras and Bits360 me helped a lot getting to this point):

I am creating a render target from a downloaded texture. However, whenever the Render Target 2D size is over 256 x 256 px and Autogenerate Mipmaps is on, the final result is an empty/black texture. It does work for outputs 256 px or smaller (or any size, if Autogenerate Mipmaps is off).

Thank you in advance!

Oh well, it seems that even in 256 x 256 px mipmaps are not being generated: nomipmaps

It’s because in BP things are foobar.

You need an UpdateResourceImmediate call to get the mips.

And to get that you can only use C++. You have to expose it to the BP library.

At least, this was true in .24 when last I worked on custom RTs.

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Thank you so much, MostHost_LA. There is a UpdateResourceImmediate BP node (Update Resource | Unreal Engine Documentation) . I’ll try to figure out where to place it.

Many thanks!

Update resource only clears.
But sure, try it first. Maybe they changed the way it works…

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Didn’t work. But maybe because I’m not creating a canvas render target – just a render target.

Using c++ ?
There’s a specific sequence to follow.
Let me see what Google brings up…

This directly mentiones .26, so its more up to date than what I remember :wink:


Thanks a lot! I’ll try those.

It works!

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