Fading in deferred decal

I set up this decal material and set it up in the player character blueprint so that when the player presses J, it’ll apply it to the surface they’re looking at - so basically, realtime graffiti. I set it up to fade in, as shown, but the issue is, it fades in the first time it’s applied, but afterwards it doesn’t - it’s fully opaque instantly.

Any ideas?

  1. I think you need to trigger Play From Start in timeline
  2. You use one MID for any spawned decal, so I think if you fix Play From Start, you will see that every decal starts to fade in hen you spawn new decal
    so… 3. To make every decal fade in on spawn you should use different MID for each of them and start fade in animation accordingly. It is possible if you make BP with decal, start timeline in decal BP on begin play, and spawn that BP on hit. I’m not sure but it may be expensive solution…

Actually, just doing the Play from Start fixed it. Thanks!

Ah, I understand. It makes some instance of MID for every decal…
Okay )