Fade to White out of Widget Menu ?

Hello !

I am currently working on a small game and have been setting up my “main menu”.
It currently is based on a UE4.5 Widget system containing a background and two buttons. Everything seems to work fine up to that point.

It gets complicated when I try and create the event for my first button : “Play”.
The event’s goal is simple : I wish to load the first level.
Problems arise when I try and fade the screen to white before loading the level !

I played around with a few things and figured out that my best bet is to call a function with a timeline from somewhere else (I’ve set it up on my HUD blueprint).

So I added a “border” on top of my widget and set it with a material.
The material is set up to use a parameter from a collection as its opacity.
I then timeline the parameter from my HUD and it should fade in… it doesn’t. Actually, it seems translucent materials don’t work at all here…

Here’s the whole thing as I currently have it…
Note : The material is currently on Additive and Unlit. But I tried Translucent as well. To no avail.

Does anyone have an idea of how to achieve this ? (I tried Post-Processing, but it doesn’t affect menus :/)

I figured it out !

I had simply not seen the “Animations” editor at the bottom.
And, if anyone is having problems with their white turning grey when animated, don’t use an “image”, use a “border”. It should work better.