Fade to Hidden instead of an instant transition

So, I want to have certain objects, upon interacting with an overlay event object, to have a very short transition from being opaque to being hidden (just less than a second, to avoid the harsh look of objects ‘popping’ in and out of exsistance if i just set them to hidden. I do not want to change the material of the object to something that is translucent as they do not cast shadows well and they look ugly when you try and make them not look transparent (the suddenly different look that would result from the material change would defeat the purpose of having a smooth transition). The object that would trigger the event is a ‘box’ volume that is connected to my character, so that when my character got close enough to certain objects, they would hide themselves, yet still cast shadows correctly. If this is not possible, hopefully I can plead my case to the Epic team at the Portland Meet and Greet this month. #thingsshouldbeabletosmoothlytransitionintonothingness

By definition, for something to fade out, it’s going to need to be transparent during the transition, because it needs to render both itself, and what’s behind it.

The only other possible alternative is to do a “screen door” fade out, where it starts randomly hiding pixels in screen space, until all of the pixels have been hidden.

Well, if there is a way to make a transparent material not look like a hideous glowstick version of an opaque material, im all ears (or all eyes, in this case).

I’d be interested in this as well.
ScreenDoorFade is not a bad solution but seeing how older engines could fade objects (I believe it had something to do with vertex alpha), makes me wonder why such functionality is so tricky nowadays (requiring per-pixel translucency)