Fade out a directional lights influence?

I’m working on night time lighting for a street environment and would like to know if there’s a way to fade out a directional light so that the parts of my street further away without models cant be seen.

Is there maybe a way of creating a influence sphere/ area?

Using distance fog means making it grey/white and doesn’t work to well against my sky.

Image shows my current lighting but past the house the lights illuminating empty ground off into the distance too much. Using point lights / Spot lights sort of works but angle and position cause a few issues.

I think you could do this using a light function and maybe a sphere mask hooked up to the camera location?

I never thought to try a IES light function on a directional light-think that might actually be a really quick way to do it, thanks.

why not just black distance fog?

Light function not IES light profile. These are different thing. But I would use black colored exp fog.