Fade Material not working after build

Hello there

I’ve been following this tutorial - http://gregmladucky.com/blog/?p=497
and everything works as intended. The scenery fades when my player goes behind them heres a screenshot of what a tree looks like before im behind it -

Then when I’m behind it -

But the problem occurs when im behind a tree after building the lighting and everything. the tree in the images before is one that is unbuilt but this is what happens when they’re built -

Any help would go a loooong way and if you need any other information, let me know.

Ok so i think the problem was that it wasn’t able to change the opacity of the fade material for some reason. For anyone else with the same problem, i changed the fade parameter of the fade material to a value lower than 1. I used 0.3 and it seems to work now even after the build. not sure what the issue was entirely. here’s a screenshot of the material -

If anyone needs any more information I’ll try and help but I’m no expert.