Fade-in Sprites as trees and material fade issue

Is there a way to fade in paper sprites in the lod range?

I was also experimenting with a material distance cull fade, and that was working but when I used more than one material with the material distance cull fade they begone to become translucent.
This is one of my materials:

And this is what happens when I use more than one with the cull fade:

This is how it normally looks:

What am I missing or doing wrong?
Help would be very appreciated.

Hey jobvw,

Depending on whether these are Static Meshes or Instanced Meshed will make a difference on how you should approach culling your objects.

Typically with Static Meshing you have your Level of Details established, and once the object has reached its lowest LOD, and no longer needs to be rendered, you cull the object out. This is done using Cull Distance Volumes.

The Cull Distance Fade node and the Per Instance Fade amount node only work with Instanced Static Meshes. You can read more about their limitations and how they are used. I believe what you are seeing is the effect of the object not fading out, which is expected. It is meant for fading your meshes on screen and does not fade them out.

Distance Cull Fade and Per Instance Fade Amount

Generally these expressions are used with painted foliage as it allows greater control over their culling due to their typical high density placement. Additionally, here is the documentation you will want to read over as well when creating your Cull Distance Volumes.

Volumes User Guide

If you have further questions let me know.

Thank you,