Facial expresions with sprite sheet?


I’ve imported a model with multiple textures making up different body parts, including eyes. It maps well, as seen below…

However, I’m using a sprite sheet to make multiple face expressions.


Is there any way I can tell ue4 to switch what part of the sprite sheet to use at a given time? or am I stuck with blank expressions?

I can think of two ways. But take this with a reasonably large sized grain of salt. I’m new.

  1. Combine the sprite sheet in the material editor somehow (I’m really not sure about this part). Make sure you can select the facial expression by changing a number value (1,2,3,4). Expose that value as a public variable. Turn the whole thing into a Dynamic Material Instance. Voila.

  2. Add a mesh component with its own material. Expose the material as a public variable. Put each facial expression into its own material. Choose between them using blueprint.

I think option 1 is better if it works.

Mind giving a step-by-step of opt. 1? Im pretty new too :stuck_out_tongue:

There is an example of how to do this in the Couch Knights demo.

That’s a 900 MB download.

Is there a Cliffs Notes version?

You could pass a dynamic UV coordinate into your texture, and update that via a dynamic material instance. There’d be a bit of trial and error working out what values to use, but it should work.