Facial bones not working

I`m using Advanced Locomotion System from free for month and I changed the skeletal mesh.

The Skeletal Mesh that I use works fine with every type of animation, except facial (not morph targets), bone type

Not only in Animation Blueprint, in asset view too, other bones like hand, foot, everything works, but not facial

I am exporting from Maya and when I generate other skeletal mesh importing also works

The facial bones are there in Unreal when I preview, I can change position, set additional curves (also not working for facial)

That sounds so random, can you help me find out what is going on?
I’m not forgeting to “apply” the key inside the UE4


Not using morph targets
Don’t work even without blueprint
Others bones read fine
When a import a new skeleton mesh it works (but I’m not going to make Assign and retargeting process again)

Fixed! I change the Retargeting translation and it works