FACE AR Sample 4.23 ios app crashing

Hey All,

I need some help. I compiled the FACE AR app in 4.21 in the past with the kiteboy in it and it worked perfectly on my iPhone XR. Now I upgraded to 4.23 and compiled the project successfully, but when i try and launch it on my ios device it opens and immediately closes.

I checked to make sure the apple ar kit plugin is checked and I looked at my project settings for Face capture which looks good.

Any ideas?

Hi Ian,
Assuming you are using the most recent non beta version of 4.23.0 … I had a similar problem which was fixed by restarting my iphone and running the app again.

Heya. Could you give me more info? I’m desperate at this point : / What version of UE4 did you package from?

@willanie42 Yes I’ve used 4.23 non beta and it jut crashes. I even tried 4.24 beta just now and that still crashes as well : /

I thought it might be related to this:…2086/view.html

but if you successfully are running the ios app from a 4.23 build that means i’ve been wasting my time arg.

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We had issues porting 4.22 AR projects to 4.23. Very inconsistent results. Most likely this explains it, we’re running checks now.