F:/UnrealEngine-release/Engine/Source/Runtime/VulkanRHI/Private/Android/../VulkanLoader.h(6,10): fatal error: 'vulkan.h' file not found

I created a new mobile project, but got an error,“ F:/UnrealEngine-release/Engine/Source/Runtime/VulkanRHI/Private/Android/…/VulkanLoader.h(6,10): fatal error: ‘vulkan.h’ file not found”。I can find it in the Engine Sourge,thx all.

I have the same issue building the engine on linux.

I think i solved it. If you downloaded vulkan sdk and added vulkan sdk path to your bashrc, thats the problem. Remove the all the thing about the vulkan in your bash rc or profile. Download the libvulkan-dev and re-generate project files.

Hi Clobberintimeits,

Yes that was the solution! Thanks so much for your help.
Project is now built and running.