Eyelashes rendering problem


I’ve been try to render my character inside UE4 for learning purposes and stumbled upon a roadblock upon using the masked surface.

Here is the look of the eyelashes that i want to achieve(in maya):

Here is the look of the eyelashes inside UE4


Here is the shader network

Why is the eyelashes inside UE4 is not fully black ?
Is it because of the texture resolution being too low or am i doing something wrong on the process ?

It’s because your texture background is white.

Why you are setting roughness to 0?

Another thing would be that probably in Maya the eyelashes are being shaded in a way that in UE you should change the blend mode from masked to translucent.
If you don’t have real detail in the diffuse, you could just replace it with constant black color and use the texture only for opacity. That would get rid of the white that’s creeping into the rendering. You could also tweak the opacity mask clip value (with the masked blend mode).

I didn’t know that the white background will bleed out since i masked it, but this seems to be the cause

It was 100, but i tweaked around and forgot to change it back

I tried your suggestion and it worked!

Here are the final result and shader just in case anyone run into the same problem as i did

I used (0,0,0) as the base color and changed the material to translucent

By the way, the valid range for roughness is 0-1. I think it’s clamped to that, so increasing it over 1 means nothing.
1 = full roughness
0 = perfect mirror

For base color, specular, ao and roughness always try to avoid extremis. Nothing is perfectly pitch black or fully rough. Using just extremis will limit your material diversity and you get dull look.