Eyebrows disappear close up to MetaHumans

Every MetaHuman I use; it looks fine from far away, but when I move close up to them (need to do this- need to see just their head and shoulders) their eyebrows disappear.

Anyone know what the issue is? They are all downloaded on high quality.

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Ok it’s easy! You just need to activate Metahuman Plugin!

Thank you :slight_smile: it helped also changing scalability settings if anyone looks at this question

I found one also: the groom biding asset goes to none sometimes, which makes the groom not sync with face movements.


Hello, I’m using UE 5.2 an Mac Silicon. I have the same problem, that eyebrows and beard disappear when moving close to Metahuman (stock and custom). Even on LOD 2-x eyebrows and beard look strange and artificial.
Unfortunately I can’t add the MetaHuman Plugin to the project, because it’s not available for the 5.2 silicon.

Funfact: Installing the Metahuman Demo-Project, and the included Metahumans Ada and Taro look great! No problems with eyebrows and beard.

Any solve for this? I have the same issue I can’t figure it out. On Mac.

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