Eye Tear line material - wet part of the eye

Was wondering how I can achieve the look of have a thin layer of water between the eye and the lower and upper eyelid, as shown in the picture. I can’t seem to achieve this look, I’ve tried a piece of geometry near the lower eyelid and put a translucent material on there, but they only reflect the environment (skylight and skysphere) and not any moveable lights, which I would rather have it doing.

Try changing the translucency lighting mode to “Surface ForwardShading”. This should give you specular highlights from moveable lights.

hey distiller, thanks for getting back to me so quick. I don’t have seem to have that last option, I’m on 4.11 by the way. Is that the same as surface perpixel?

Just give it a try and see if it works.

Sorry for getting back to you late. I tried it earlier this morning, and it didn’t work. I think maybe it has to do with with my unreal engine being at 4.11, or my material setup, which I will post below


I updated it my unreal engine project to 4.13 and it works like a charm now. Thanks Distiller!