Eye shader effect

Hi everyone, I’m french and my english is medium so be indulgent.
I see somewhere the simple trick for having a working effect of inner iris is to use a bump offset node. So I tried but I have 2 problems :

1 - With a too high value the sclera comes into the cornea (due to the bump offset which reduct the texture by UV’s) :


Reducing the size of the radial mask solve this probleme but create an ugly result…

2 - Highlights ! The primary probleme is entire… Why translucent materials does’nt have proper highlights yet. 2015… Unreal engine 4… Anyway I would have 2 highlights : one on the iris, and one on the cornea. And I don’t know if it’s possible !


If anyone have an trick \o/ Love you.

Regarding the highlights, do you have a reflection capture actor in your level? Those things are needed in order for the rendering in UE 4 to work properly.

Have you tried setting your eye up as 2 seperate meshes?

Translucent materials won’t have proper specular highlights until 4.8, and it’s pricey.

To get two highlights, you’ll have to use two materials over the top of one another, however, you might be able to get a good result with the ‘Clear Coat’ shader too. You’ll need a convex normal and a concave normal to get the two opposing highlights. (Which btw, you’ll never see in a standard game, so that’s overkill and then some).

You could just model in the convex part and use a normal map for the concave.

Normal map would override the vertex normals, so you’d still only get one highlight (and it’d look weird).

Yep ! And I’m waiting for the upcoming highlightning add in 4.8 \o/

Voila ! This is what I have in my mind, two materials one over another and I will test the clear coat ! Love you o/

Yep, this is not for a “standard game”, but for a realistic demo (an animation with very close “view” on character’s faces. Don’t know how to say “plans de vue très serrés”)

Already tryed :

Thanks you so much for all your reply, I’ll test your solution TheJamsh and I’ll give you the result soon !
Love you.

Some tests… The clear coat does’nt accept anything else a simple value (or a mask), I tried to bump out with a bump offset and a concave radial height but this does’nt work. And dramaticaly the 2nd highlight follow the first normal map (convex) so yeah, two highlights but no separation between them… =/

I think I will wait for 4.8… A concave eye with translucent cornea. Behind, the iris… Can’t wait ! I’m waiting for nVidia hair solution too… So character creation be waiting…

Let us know how you get on! I’ll be interested to know how and if Translucency sorting plays nicely with the specular reflections.

Oh also don’t forget, when using a translucent material and a normal map you’ll need to change the Material to use ‘Surface’ based translucency lighting. Otherwise it won’t account for the normals :slight_smile:

Yes I really read a lot on the subject I already know all of this =) When highlights come with 4.8 :
I plan to use 2 materials for the eye, 1 translucent which will correspond to the sclera and to the cornea. A mask for the transparency and an effect for refraction of 1.3 on the cornea (I would make out a will for this value). Behind, the mesh of the iris with a masked material (pupil). After that I would see for possible effects on all of this. I tested with x512 maps and I found that the color compression is so ugly. I think 1024 maps are too huge but I don’t work on an optimised workflow for gaming, however I have to make the final animation can turn with a decent framerate… ^^’

Can’t wait =)