Eye Adaptation Help

Ok first off, yeah I’ve read the Documentation, but the problem is that I’m still encountering an issue with it that I’m having trouble solving.

You see, I want to keep the Eye Adaptation effect as I need it for the darker areas of my game, I like what it does there for transitions from light to dark. Problem is that at night (I have a day/night cycle btw), it tries to auto adjust to my sky dome causing it to get brightened (which I don’t want happening). I’ve tried playing with the settings, but in the process of fixing it for the sky dome, I always lose the Eye Adjustment effect when entering a dark area/room.

Is there a way to make it ignore the sky dome or something? Or any suggestions really, as I’d like to fix it :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing with the settings quite a bit, and got a value that works in my project (for the most part lol).

I would like to extend this to anything really. For example when following this playlist I find the character getting so bright that the rest of the level can’t be seen unless I turn ambient light WAY up (which makes it look like day) or fiddle with the global postprocess settings. I’d rather ignore the player blueprint than adjust the post process settings for the entire game. Not a big deal in that tiny level/project, but in the general case I’d much rather be able to ignore specific bright things.