Extremely slow editor performance

I have 10 fps while in editor on an empty new level. In Play Standalone the FPS is normal (capped at 60). Switching to Unlit does nothing, still only 10 fps.

GPU usage is at 1%. Anyone else with this problem?

Did you fix the issue? I’m also getting horrendous editor performance.

What pc do you have?

Try in the console r.Nanite 0 see if you notice any difference.

ryzen 9 3900, 64gb ram, 2070 super gfx, ssd, editor’s fps on win 10 were great but it’s unusably slow on linux. i don’t know if it’s related but i think there’s also visual quirks (Ue5 game dev on linux? - #17 by mchn)

any ideas for fixing or escalating to devs? the github repo doesn’t have issues enabled so i don’t know how we’re supposed to do that



you are a GOD. FIXED here.