Extreme fps drop with screen percentage

Hi everyone,

What is the correct way to add the screen percentage settings?

When the screen percentage is on → character mesh, follow camera my fps drop to 35.
When the screen percentage is on → post process volume my fps drop to 13
When the screen percentage is off → My game look good without, fps 56-60

Is the answer is just to let that settings off this is perfect but if you know how to add this settings without fps drop can you tell me how?



Screen Percentage increases or decreases the rendering resolution, and then upscales or downscales to your window. So if you are increasing the screen percentage, you should expect a fps drop scaling up with screen percentage. The value is a % so 100% should be your default.

I tried adding the screen percent change to my character camera, and then the post proccess, and both gave me the same framerate changes as should be expected.

You can set the screen percentage with your post proccess volume or any camera as you said, and you can also change it via a console command r.ScreenPercentage 100 (or whatever value you need) Using the console command is the easiest way to change it at runtime, so you could map it to a settings screen or key press.