Extreme Combat

Link to help us finish the game.

Steam link .

Extreme combat is an fps game for pc set in the modern era involving old school style weapons and maps,going way up to futuristic maps and items.The game is based off of some of the most popular fps games already out there,With one slight twist we will take fps to the next level enhancing popular features from mods on arma 3 , battlefield and various others. How will we do this , well we are creating the only game to incorporate futuristic gameplay mixed with old style warfare. We are creating this game as we have had numerous requests from our community to create a game that will take fps to the next level and that is what we plan to do!

In the link above it does say we have a goal of £1000 which we do but we only need a minimum of £200 to finish the game , reason for this donation you may ask , well we have a map but it is a free map and we aim with donations to create our own custom map to enhance gameplay and also we aim to get nice new guns and multiplayer a systems which we require to pay developers to do.

All donations are welcome and we hope you can help!

The game logo is just the one for “Modern Combat 5” with different text which appears to be some kind of android game.
And the screenshots of the map they worked so hard on looks like one of the Infinity Blade maps, which is of course good to use for whatever, but this looks like just a scam to me.

You need some more of your own content here. All you’ve provided is a broad description of some multiplayer shooter and a lofty but vague goal of “taking it to the level” with no explanation of what that even means.

All you really have is a screenshot of the infinity blade assets and a plagiarised logo. This would barely qualify as “mood images”, photos or screenshots of content that isn’t yours but is designed to give an idea of what you’re aiming for.

The point of this post is to say that it is WAY to early for crowd funding. You badly need some original content to show off and a prototype so people can actually get a feel for what you’re aiming for and can see you actually have the capability to achieve it.

Yea…showing a map off that’s made with all assets from the Infinity Blade GrassLands pack is kind of bogus. Yea you can use it to help or prototype but if that’s all you have man I would seriously look in to getting some people to help out and get original content in it. I have marketplace assets in some of the stuff I have posted but also have my own stuff be it my own models or textures. Way to early to ask for money man sorry if I sound rude.

Bad thing.
Grabbing together some premade content, make some screens and then begging for money?
I can not tell you, how bad i find that, because i am always friendly and helpful.

It’s okay using marketplace stuff in a project like this. However, if stuff from the marketplace is the only thing you are able to show you won’t get a single dollar from that campaign. Compare this with the two sentences in the Indiegogo campaign and you have something that looks like a scam…

The things looks like it was put together in 10min…

The map shown in their screenshots comes with the Infinity Blade Grass Lands as demo map and it is not even changed, just some screenshots of that map with their logo stamped on it in photoshop.
The poster pretends the game to be in modern era, so not even those fantasy ruins fit to demonstrate this direction.
And with 200 Pounds you wont get a finished game nor a own map as you pretend.
This whole thing is the top example for a fundraising scam!

I don’t think anything much will come of this. Locking this thread.