extract texture file from material to edit in photoshop

Hello everyone,

Sorry if this is really obvious but I need your help.

I have a material - (wooden floor) taken from another project.

The layout of the floorboards is very uniform and I want to rearrange them in a staggered pattern to look more realistic.

I want to take the image from the material into photoshop to edit but all I find in the content folder is uasset files.

How can I extract this image file?

Thanks in advance

You can export Textures from UE4 by going to the Content Browser and finding the Texture you want to export. Once the Texture is located right click on it and then from the menu choose Asset Action -> Export.

thanks sam

i dont see that option in my project. i downloaded the paragon characters (free) and i would like to extract them for rendering in maya/vray. is there any way to do that? thanks

From what I’ve gathered, they have intentionally made you unable to do so for obvious reasons. They probably want their AAA content to remain within their engine and not be used for other non-unreal based applications.

it’s also to prevent asset flipping