Externally referenced map check warning? Cant build lighting now !?

MapCheck:Warning: Warning M_M_work_PrivateBathHouseMerge StaticMeshComponent /Game/Maps/BathHouseResort/Section_PrivateBathHouse_LowPoly.Section_PrivateBathHouse_LowPoly:PersistentLevel.M_M_work_PrivateBathHouseMerge.StaticMeshComponent0 : Externally referenced

Thats the warning message i get… and i cant build lighting now… This happened after i went from 4.9 to 4.10… wtf is happening? I can still open the maps just fine… what is wrong here?

Hello Kurylo3d,

The old file comes from Saved/Config/Windows/Engine.ini that was copied along other content from project-to-convert. The ini contains paths for old location. If you suppress copying this folder everything seems to work fine as Saved/Config ini’s are rebuilt by the UE4. The same paths will be wrong if you switch Engine version, as some of them are relative to the Engine directory. It may be worth to check if this is solved during Engine switch.

Please check to make sure that your project is correctly referencing this mesh.

Hey , someone on teh forum mentioned if i rename the directory of the project to the original name and remove the “4.10” part that it works… which it did… but now i have other problems which i put up in another answers post that hopefuly you can help with… I cant use swarm at all… it usually crashes unreal or just leaves a message saying unable to build…

Sorry, the post that you have linked me to has been deleted. If you would open a new thread with that specific issue a staff member will address the issue as it is received. Please refrain from using negative comments as this will more than likely result in posts being removed from Answer Hub and consequently our list of issues.

How a bout that one… i accidentally posted it twice… probably why one of them was deleted…

Scratch that use the original link… i just clicked undelete on it.

Hey so, If the other post is the one you are trying to get an answer for, and this is a duplicate I will be marking it as answered just so there is no confusion.