Externally Referenced Asset Warning (Project Rename Doesn't Fix)

I have all of my projects stored on the server, which may be the problem. I don’t need to cook or build the game, as I am only rendering. Having to wait for the warning dialog to come up to say it’s fine that there are externally referenced objects slow down the creative process. I tried the project double rename fix multiple times, as well as starting a new project. A new project will be fine for a while and then it will have the error again, potentially due to things being migrated to or from the project? I’m not sure. Does anyone have any fixes for this?

have you tried deleting Intermediate, saved and binaries folder?

I have, to no avail, unfortunately.

I just wanted to add that I experience this issue as well. My case may be a bit different however.

I have a project on Windows, using the 4.12.0 binary editor. When I copy over this project to Mac and proceed to open it with either the source or binary version of 4.12.0, the external references warning will pop up. This is a serious problem, as packaging with this warning prevents the maps or assets from being included in the packaged build.

I have also tested this in 4.12.1 and 4.12.2 with the same outcome. The project was initially on Windows under version 4.10.4. After upgrading it to 4.12, this issue has come about. It’s not the first time though, bringing anything from Window’s editor over to the Mac editor always produced this problem. Only now, we can no longer solve it by the renaming the folder trick.

Doing a clean copy via editor, or an in-place conversion does not change the outcome either. Neither does removing the folders Intermediate, Saved, Build or Binaries.