Extending the World Composition Interface


I’m attempting to write a plugin in Visual Studio 2015 that adds menu options to UE4 while in-editor. I’ve managed to do this in the level editor using the excellent Extending The Editor tutorial on YouTube. Is it possible to add a menu by extending the World Composition interface as well? I’ve noticed that there are extension points in the right-click context menu for World Composition, but I can’t figure out how to tap into those in C++.

For the Level Editor you would do something like:

FWorldBrowserModule& LevelEditorModule = 
TSharedRef<FExtender> MenuExtender(new FExtender());
MenuExtender->AddMenuExtension(); // with appropriate arguments

The only similar module I can find for World Composition is FWorldBrowserModule, but that doesn’t have a MenuExtensibilityManager I can tap into. It seems like only these do, and none of them seem particularly relevant.

Any thoughts on how/if I could add a menu to World Composition would be appreciated.