Extending the rendering composition graph


I’m interested in augmenting the rendering composition graph. For example, I’d like the Tonemapper write non gamma-corrected Pf_FloatRBGA outputs to an additional render target, that I can then write to file, probably by hijacking the HighResScreenshot functionality. Does anyone have any advice about how to extend the Tonemapper to do this?

More ambitiously, I’d like to create multiple render layers (e.g. ‘background’, ‘character’, ‘effects’), and be able to tag assets according to which one they render into. I guess that would mean duplicating sections of the current composition graph for each of those layers.

Currently I’m at approximately noob level 1.0 with DX11, so any general pointers on how to go about doing this would be gratefully received!

More generally we (i.e. my company) is looking to hire a UE4 Engine Dev to help build a more cinematics-friendly version of Unreal - a job ad will appear shortly :slight_smile: