Extended UObject compiles, but intellisense shows squigglies

I followed this Rama wiki page On how to setup a static Function library. For my purposes I just wanted to drop some UStruct in it so that my other classes can use them. I extended a UObject from inside the editor - moved my UStructs over (Above UClass, Below headers). These UStructs were already being used by other classes, so I had to reference this UObject class extension header file “MyStaticLibrary.h”. Once I pointed everything that used those UStructs to the new location Intellisense started drawing lines on everything related (Including referencing “MyStaticLibrary.h”). However the project compiles, and the systems using those Ustructs which are now moved still work. If I however over any of the UStructs types where I’m using them in other classes I can see the error list as “Incomplete type is not allowed”. What is going on?

Okay so I needed to put “Public/MyStaticLibrary.h” instead of just the header file. Now it works.