Extended FPS Template (Formally Quake Template)

This project is available to download on my TSU blog page.

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New version has been uploaded.


New release with more features and bug fixes. Follow the below links to download content.

Playable Version

For the Developer Version go to my TSU or my The8App.

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Download Extended FPS Template for UE4 1/23/2016

[UE4 Thoughts and Extended FPS Template.]

[Extended FPS Template: Reloading, Jumps, Stamina and more!] To be clear, this update is a downloadable release.

[Reloading and Weapon Magazines now supported on EFPS Template!]

[Target Information indicator ground work is now in place.]

[New version of Extended FPS Template is now up with additions and fixes! (1/4/2016)]

[Spawns and Guns!]

[New Extended FPS Template Released!]

[Guess at what point in the graph the client begins to fire his weapon!]

[Feels like a security room now. Considering a playable test version soon.]

[Jump pads setup AND portals that let you see the other side!]

[The level design process of using lots of flat sheets in action.]

[Video tomorrow showing the creation of Aerowalk in #UE4 for EFPST]

[Aerowalk for Extended FPS template]

[A new geometry design technique.]

[Quake Template update will have huge improvements to projectiles!]

[I revamped the floating combat text! Might need a level soon.]

The quake template was great cant wait to see the progress continue in extended fps! GL

Thanks! So far its working out well, its sooooo tempting to just try to make a game with it. the temptation grows as I improve and add things ><

It shall remain a pure example template until it is a super awesome and free example template!

Video tomorrow showing the creation of Aerowalk in #UE4 for EFPST

Lots of info on the latest progress as well as a new screenshot and a video coming soon.

The level design process of using lots of flat sheets in action.

[video]Episode 191, A Familiar new level! - YouTube

New updates on a few things. I just recently hit a snag but so far the project is going smoothly in the grander scheme of things. :smiley:

Guess at what point in the graph the client begins to fire his weapon!

Feels like a security room now. Considering a playable test version soon.

Jump pads setup AND portals that let you see the other side!

New Extended FPS Template Released!

Just gave this a download - Working with this and HammUER Rignt now.

Will give feedback when I can :slight_smile:

Amazing Castle, simply amazing

Next release I will make sure to comment everything to explain what is going on. I keep forgetting to that.

I also MAY begin to mold this into a game I want to make. But I plan to continue to release new versions of this as I go.

My goal is to basically ruin this market. Make it so easy to make a old school fps that it just becomes a **** joke. Wish me luck!

just out of interest do you have a dl link that Doesn’t require a tsu account

I dont plan to. Though I have set the page up to be visible to the public. I was later informed that you only get X number of free page views before it asks you to make an account.

I would really much prefer to have a “Enjoy this persons content? Make a TSU account so you can follow!”

At the moment there are no real other options for places that allow me to monetize like YouTube does with videos though. :confused:

I am treating it like the Twitch or YouTube of social networking at the moment.

ok wish you the best

Oh, there may be a point where this gets on Steam or the Market place. At that point then yes. But that will be a long time from now and will probably have a pay wall.

Having a bit of a problem with the Extended FPS Template -

Only part of the HUD shows and an BP failed to load to a struct when I load the Extended FPS template Initially.

Any advice on how I can solve this problem?

I will upload images in a moment.

Edit: Ok, The HUD works now and I think I know what I did wrong…

I renamed the .rar file and that caused some problems apparently. It works fine now :slight_smile:

A lot of the hud wont be their until you pickup armor ammo and weapons.

I have that same error and I am not sure what is causing it however it does not seem to be causing any issues as the thing it complains about is working fine. It’s really weird! I would actually like to have someone explain to me what is going on with that myself!

Hey Castle,

I got the HUD problem fixed. See my previous comment on how I did it. :slight_smile:

I really like the template so far.

Here are some suggestions to take it even further -

  1. Some basic form of Gibbing system similar to this
  2. Some Basic AI Similar to that found in DOOM, Quake, etc. I personally want to make a Single player / Cooperative game with this template.
  3. Document and Comment all the things!

HA! I like that gibbing system! I do plan to have dead bodies and gibbing supported but this template will not be focusing on visuals. The game I plan to make from this is going to use only icons for graphics in fact.

I also plan to do Doom style AI and I too am planning to make a single player cooperative project from this template too! The next version will support some new features like a reworked weapons system and a completely new spawn system ill talk about in more detail soon.

Keep me posted on what you come up with though! It would be so cool to see a Doom and Quake style game crop up from this! I would really like to play it!

Spawns and Guns!

Nice work Castle, and fast! Im having a hard time keeping up

Edit: Just read the tsu post! The spawn system sounds great!