Exposure can't be adjusted for SceneCaptures?

When a SceneCapture2D is set to “Final Color (LDR with PostProcess)” all post process options work except for automatic exposure and there seems to be no manual exposure option.

As a result the security cameras I’m working on are terribly underexposed in some darker areas. I could switch to a HDR rendertexture and manually do the exposure adjustment in a shader, but then I’d lose the other post process options.

Is there another way to have control over exposure for a LDR postprocessed capture that I’ve missed or is this a limitation on how SceneCapture2D works?

I’d try and setup a matinee scene, and capture 5 fames from there, screen captures seem a bit lacking at the moment.
You also have more control over Depth of Field, and Field Of View, (Essentially Everything) which is trickier to do in the editor’s camera.

The way I have mine setup Currently is Camera runs for 1 Sec, frame-rate set to 5 FPS, and then go into the Level Blueprint and trigger it. And you can setup your exact render resolution instead of using the multiplier, which is kind of Arbitrary depending on your monitor / editor resolution.

I’ve noticed some storage behavior with SceneCaptures and post processing as well, specifically custom post process materials don’t seem to work. I’ve filed a bug for this here:

Perhaps this is related. I’ve been looking through the source to try to understand why post process materials don’t work, but without luck so far. If I find anything, I’ll let you know.

Thank you, I had not thought of using matinee to get around the issue. I’ll give it a try after the weekend and let you know if that solves it.

Hmm, I was planning to use those although I had not gotten around to it yet. Thanks for the heads up and if I find anything that might help you I’ll be sure to let you know.

Cool, thanks. Do you mind giving a vote to that bug, to help get Epic’s attention?


Thank you for your report. I was able to reproduce this issue and have entered a report to our rendering team. They are now looking into the issue. Please let us know if you encounter any more unexpected behavior.


Thank you for the confirmation. As a side note: is there any way to track the progress on a bug report?

I just submitted a pull request that fixes my post process material issue. You can check to see if it happens to fix your issue to:

There is not a formal way for the bug to be tracked publicly, but I will be sure to update your thread when it is fixed. I can tell you it has since been assigned to a developer though.