Exposing SteamVR Keyboard API to Blueprints

I am trying to properly implement SteamVR Keyboard API with blueprints and UMG and hopefully send a Pull Request for the same. So far I have successfully got SteamVR Keyboard to show up.

This is how the node looks for now and I have modified the SteamVR plugin source code and this is the link to the github repo and I plan to create one more repo with the built version of the plugin on Windows.


P.S: Sorry for repost I don’t know why my last post was sent to the last page of this section.

I have a component that handles the steamVR keyboard if it helps you any, it could use some updates since I made it a year ago, but its functional.…ardComponent.h…dComponent.cpp

Ohh yes it has all those functionalities I was planning to get in the SteamVR plugin and was planning to use the pollNextEvent inside SteamVRHMD but that aould require alot of rewriting the engine code and I was surely like to help you maintain that plugin. A input box for UMG that automatically opens SteamVR keyboard for developer convince. IllI try using your plugin to implement and woll let you know if I get it done.