Exposing particle velocity to blueprint?


I’m working on a water splash effect that will play when a boat comes crashing down on the sea. I want to effect the velocity and the number of particles based off how far boat has fallen but can’t seem to find where I can expose the velocity as a parameter.

Initial Vel (Seed) has a slot for a parameter name but that doesn’t seem to be the right thing.

Any help would be great!


OK, I think I sort of worked it out.

I had to change the distribution in the Velocity module to: DistributionVectorParticleParameter which allowed me to name the parameter. I then changed the Param Modes to DPM Direct and now I can use a BP to feed in a number directly to the particle effect.

Can you post a picture of your working blueprint? I have set my my parameter, but I can’t seem to actually alter the particle effect when I change it.

Try setting up your instance Param as displayed in this tutorial