Exporting V-Ray Model to Unreal Using Datasmith or V-ray Plugin Crashes or Shows Unknown Textures

Hi I am attempting to export this here to unreal engine female rigged 3d model

When I attempt to export using 3ds Max 2019 datasmith export option it crashes at exporting body, it will not export this.

Also when I export the V-Ray scene to unreal it does not bring the textures with it… Any ideas? I’ve been trying to get this working for a day or so now.

There’s probably something with the rig or something like the hair that doesn’t work. The datasmith plugin is mostly geared toward archviz so it’s not going to work as well for characters.

How do I add that character in? I’m trying to make a cutscene… Even V-Ray EU4 Plugin for 4.21.2 does not work for such a thing.

3ds Max vrayscene export > EU4 > import that extension, results… Imgur: The magic of the Internet

3ds Max > EU4 Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I removed the hair, rigged mesh, etc till just the raw model was left with textures. Still crashes my 3ds Max exporting with datasmith and V-ray plugin for EU4 still does not register the textures in EU4 like it does in 3ds max.

You don’t really need datasmith for that, just export to FBX, though you’ll have to rebuild your materials.