Exporting Textured models from Blender into Unreal Engine 4

Hey, I am debating about if i should get unreal engine 4 or not. One question i have that i cant find a good answer to yet, is that if i have a Model i Textured in blender… Say a rock that is fully textured for example, Can i Export all that into unreal engine 4? I have read some where that you can only export the model with animation but you cant do textures… thanks for any answers!!


Just export the mesh and save the textures as a png/tga file -> now import it - create the materials - assign them to the mesh -> finished :slight_smile:

In my team we always do it like that (we also use blender ^^)

Here are some blender -UE4 tutorials:

you can import models from blender with materials and the base texture (diffuse/colour) of each material but you will still need to import your other textures (specular/roughness/metalic…ect) separately and then put them into the materials.

Okay look, I seriously don’t understand and I’m totally confused. Using Blender I create a mesh chair, I then add a wood image texture to the chair and I make sure it is properly assigned via UV wrapping.
Now I have a simple chair with 1 wood texture on it, I then export the chair as FBX. Using Unreal Engine 4, I Import the chair, I make sure UE4 imports both textures and materials (both boxes are ticked). However I get a naked model, no texture. What have I done wrong? Urgently need help*, thanks.

How have you uv mapped it + which export settings do you use? :slight_smile:

e.g when I do it like that, everything works fine:

Rough steps:

  1. create the material
  2. create a texture object - change it to “image or movie” - select my texture
  3. now I uv map my mesh and in the uv window I choose the right uv (so that I can see the texture on it)
  4. now I go to export -> there I just choose “mesh”
  5. import it (with texture and material enabled)

You can also just export the texture separately -> go into the uv editor - image - save as image

You can also import textures to UE4 and create materials, assign them to the UV map materials you specified in Blender.

Okay, that’s pretty helpful, but my version of “material” and your version of “material” are different, because I don’t know if by material your talking about the model? But, bear with me, I’m going to reply with a couple of screen shots of my FBX export options and my UE4 import options. This way you should be able to pin-point exactly what I’m doing wrong or I need to do.

Okay, that’s cool, so now I have a back up way of getting texture onto my models using UE4, I knew you could create materials and apply texture, but I was unsure if you could properly assign textures to parts of a mesh via UV.

Okay I’m back, So here I’ve got pictures of the chair, the FBX export options, the UE4 import options. Also, may I add, I am using Cycles Render to textur my mesh, does that have any affect on my problem? And, about the UV wrapping, I literally just go into compositing view, I unwrap my mesh in edit mode (yes the whole mesh is selected), I then add the picture, scale the UV wrapping accordingly, and then I’m done with texturing my mesh. Also, I remember you saying something like “if your texture is a JPEG, it won’t work”, My texture is JPEG, earlier I tried it with PNG, but I got the same result, naked models. Thanks for the help!
Here are the Links:

So I think it would be just terrific if someone would just make a video, post it to youtube, that explains the right way to get my wonderfully made rock, building, etc from blender into UE4 AND how do I get the stupid textures to work in UE4. Every texture that blender does get into UE4 turns out to be flat, dull and solid color. Noe of my UE4 materials work either. They give the same result. I make a mesh and material in UE4 and they work right.
Nothing from blender will. Just mt thoughts. And the video links above were of no help.


Well I agree. I am a simpleton. To shamemyself a little…here goes…It works if I save the texture file in blender, then import mesh and texture both by clicking the box in UE4 import window, THEN rt clk and make the material, then use some of the starter content textures in parameter 2d (there are vids on this) for normal and diffuse. N/D is on the content texture. And drop it on my BLENDER mesh and it worked. Thanks to all for the help.

Even I have the same problem, only static mesh is imported. If we have to make the material of say a rock again in unreal, what is the point in making it in blender if what we make is not being imported into UE4 PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP OUT.

Yea i agree man it’s such a huge waste of time if you had already textured stuff in Blender and can’t import it with the texture on it…makes no sense to me Has anyone solved this?


And replies to the above from a Blender GURU and someone who has created a game in Unreal engine using assets with material already mapped in blender?

I don’t texture in Blender normally but I tested importing a textured object into UE4 and it worked. What doesn’t work is if you paint a texture in Blender and try to export that. If the Source says “Generated” it won’t work because the image data is only in the .blend file and won’t be exported. You need to save the image (open the image editor, select the texture and do Image - Save as Image) externally, then reference that in your texture by changing the source to Single Image and browsing to your image.

Cycles materials won’t work either, you’ll need to bake those to textures and do the same thing.

I cant undertand people agreeing to redo everything in UE4 while it’s already done in blender

it’s simple stuff here, any export script/engine pipeline encapsulates AT LEAST mesh+materials…it’s not asking for the moon…there is got to be a way with an AAA engine like ue4


There’s is no universal material file format standard, there’s isn’t anything like the obj or FBX file types for materials. Integration like that would have to be done specifically and uniquely for every 3d application, and there would be to be standards established.

The closest thing that exists is **glTF **but it isn’t widely supported.

just out of curiosity,is this issue only with blender, can Maya export and fbx with textures applied to the mesh?

So this is a tpoic from 2015 and i am also trying to find a clen way to import the blender modeled character with its textures into Unreal but i couldn’t. It wierd and i know all the studios or developers are usin blender and Unreal collabrated but there is no proper explaination about how can i export the model with textures, import the model with textures.
if anybody know how, please help