Exporting static mesh morph targets from maya

I did a quick bit of mel to roughly replicate Jonathan Lindquist’s (Epic Games) StaticMeshMorpher.ms script for Max. but with no UI and with far less error checking. Also my mel script doesn’t have the ability to store an object’s pivot information instead of storing data for second morph mesh, which the original Max script does.
This bit of mel allowed me to export data for static mesh morphing from Maya into Unreal 4.
I hope this helps others exporting from Maya instead of Max.
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Hey Mik3,

We appreciate the added feature implementation, especially if it helps with supporting 3rd party applications. Since the AnswerHub is more of a question and answer type place, I would suggest taking this bit of script and posting it to the Forums. It will get some good feedback and I am sure more eyes will see it sooner posting it there, than here on the AnswerHub.

Here is a link to the Forums in case you needed a little bit of direction. Thank you again for the independent effort!



Sorry Andrew, my bad. now reposted in the correct location, in Forum: Content Creation.

No worries, I am glad you were able to put it in the public eye! Thanks for your hard work.