Exporting from substance painter to unreal?

I have a few meshes which I have painted in substance painter and I want to test them in unreal before the next phase of meshes are built.

The trouble is that now that I have it painted, I would like to bring it over to unreal engine to see it in game.

Is there an export pipeline which will give me the material which I can simply drag onto my asset in game? I don’t like the idea of it just exporting a bunch of textures that I then have to re-tune after I have sat and done all of that in painter.

I know there is a substance plugin, is there a way I can utilize that for this purpose?

Substance Painter can only export textures at the moment, so you’ll have to manually plug them in an Unreal material.

Take a look at this. Yes it’s quixel, but the workflow is still the same regarding master materials.

So what is the point of the substance plugin? Actually, I thought the only reason I was paying for substance was for the flexibility of being able to paint directly on there and be able to import it. If I still have to mess around in Unreal Engine to make it work, then there isn’t really a point in the whole substance suite at all - I mean, if I wanted to mess around, I would have used Mari - since I am already modeling in modo anyways.

Maybe I just completely misunderstood the point of substance?

So the first issue is that the UE render engine (and shader) is different than the render engine you see in the Substance Painter viewport. And different than Mari.

Now By exporting defined texture maps that contain specific properties (AO, Diffuse, Normal, Height, etc…) you are able to drive the render engine to show a similar result (but it may not be identical).

The point of the plugin is to allow you to use a substance to render out the maps at either design time or runtime.
it lets you import the substance directly into UE -

The point of Painter is to leverage its rich layer stack and also paint on all maps at the same time.

All that being said - adding the maps to the default UE shader by hand is very very easy - whether you use Quixel, Substance, Mari, etc…

Is there an automatic import of textured meshes from Substance Painter to UE4? I haven’t seen any video tutorials where it’s simply drag-and-drop the substance painted asset directly into unreal for use. Simply doing this by hand is not worth the hassle especially if you have hundreds of independently textured meshes. If it doesn’t exist I will write the plugin. Thanks.

Good qusetion, i’m also looking for a way to do so. Just wanna import a “already done mesh” made in Substance-Painter into ue4.

Export as glTF and enable the plug-in for it in UE4.