Exporting a rendered scene

Is it possible to export a scene with a high enough quality to print out on a 36x24 piece of paper? I would like to keep my rendering for printing to one program but if I need to use another program such as maxwell or blender then I can. Just thought I would ask since my searches have not come up with a definite yes or no answer.

So you just want to have a high resolution screenshot of your scene so that you can print it onto a piece of paper? :slight_smile: When yes, then just type this into the console: HighResShot 3840x2160 (you can choose any resolution you like)

Thank you , you have been so helpful this summer. I am an architectural grad student and decided to learn tidbits of UE4 to see if/how I can use it in my projects. Ultimately I need to show renders in my presentations, figured if my project was already in UE4 it was only logical to use it to render. I am also tired of waiting for renders to finish from Maxwell or 3ds. This will make my life less stressful, so thank you.