Export variables values over time

Hi there,

I have created a simple vehicle simulator and I would like to export the values of several variables (speed, position XY, steering angle etc.) - that are already promoted to variables in the blueprint-, over time. In fact, I would like to export a csv file for example that contains 1 column for time evolution and one column for each variable.

Is it possible to achieve this in blueprint and how? If not, what is the best solution?

Hey @TasKall!

It is definitely possible. There are plugins that can already do this on the marketplace like:


Also check out this thread post here for reading and writing a text file:

I hope the above points you in the direction you are looking for!

Thank you @ Quetzalcodename i will check them all!

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Hey @TasKall

Please let us know if one of those solutions works for you!

After contact Jared Therriault, the Runtime DataTable plugin is the one that exports CSV in realtime.
I finally create my BP in order to export the CSV with the parameters values every time interval. The following image shows how.


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