export foliage

hello guys i need your help… i have to convert an environment i made with unreal 4.25 to a 4.24 project… i managed to replicate all the stuff except instanced foliage actor (painted foliage) they are too much and i don’t want to paint them again in new project… is there any way to export instanced foliage data? i found this it would be exactly what i am looking for but i can’t find that option in 4.25 nether 4.24… another way could be merging foliage and export but my pc can’t handle this as i am talking about 60000 meshes…

The meshes have to be in the project you move to at the same folder location.

You need to manually output a list of foliage instances from the project that has them.
you can do this in BP. Just output the location and the mesh using a print string.

Open up your log file, once the print string ends. Copy up all the lines it spit out… place them in a blank txt. Rename to cvs. Edit/adjust as needed in excel to move rows or make similar alterations.

After that you just have to reverse the process by taking in the data and placing the specified foliage at the specified location.

On 60,000 instances this takes a while/might want to let it run overnight.

Processing the output/input in c++ as shown in the link is indubitably faster.
I believe it is a custom plugin that the user created btw. Hard to tell. But .26 doesn’t have it / or if it does I haven’t noticed the option.

ahh i see, that plugin would have been super useful to me! at the end i gave up and painted the whole foliage again… but thanks for answering!