Export blueprints as Images

In the blueprints Editor:
File -> Export -> .png / .pdf
File -> Export All -> .pdf

a standard formatted image/pdf would be great too (like variable with default value on left side, one image foreach event graph, etc…)

Hi MaxiHori,

Are you talking about taking a picture of the event graph and exporting that to the desktop or did you mean something different?

Yup! it is really hard to share blueprints, expecially outside of the engine

Hi MaxiHori,

Thank you for your request, I have entered a feature request, UE-9309 to be considered by the development staff.

Hi Adam,

Wasn’t there a feature that Master Jedi Noland was working on for copying blueprints to a shelf for sharing? Its been awhile since I heard anything on it, so my memory is foggy.

select the nodes, ctrl + C
open a .txt, ctrl + V

As someone who (a) often likes to post images to show what he’s doing to help someone out, and (b) has absolutely MASSIVE blueprints which often cover dozens and dozens of screenshots, I second this.

BUT, if I can make a recommendation, either replace the aforementioned “screengrab whole BP” functionality (or make a second option) for “screengrab inside Comment bubble”, ideally with the selected comment bubble itself rendered invisible.

For large BPs, that would provide a really handy way to screengrab the entire relevant section by piggybacking it on an existing rectangle-drawing system inside BPs.

That would be really nice. Currently I have to take quite a lot screenshots to share my blueprints.

TECHNICALLY BPs copy as plain text so you can share them via .txt and the other person can paste it. But either way, yes, being able to take a screenshot of the graph would be amazing.

No you don’t. You just mark all the Blueprints in the Blueprint file Push “Ctrl C” and then open a notepad and paste it. You can now send it by mail and people can paste the notepad file’s contents in a blueprint file inside the UE 4 editor and instantly see your work. Awesome and fast :smiley:

and that’s the problem

agree, really need this to let people share on answerhub whole graph and not screenshot with only one small readable piece when they ask for help

have no idea how engine would make a picture of my blueprints
or you talking about taking screenshot? there are a lot of tools for that.

Yes, but if the graph is very extended, then you need to make it either a slideshow of many screenshots, or manually stitch those in PS together on a larger canvas…

Im currently owrking on a little tool that recreates a visual graph from the clipboard-text version and save that into a file…

that’s very niche request, i don’t see use for it further than forum

definitely useful for getting help.

its also nice if you make considerable changes to a BP and might want to take several quick snapshots to before changing things so you can have a reference of where you came from.
Not all the helpful ppl at answerhub want to open their editor and paste code into it to see the BP. It’s sometimes just easier to look at a screenshot the in need person posted and say “move this node to here and this one here”


Hi guys, it’s somewhat quick and dirty but I’ve just pushed exactly that:

page doesnt work for me

I would really like this feature as well. I’ve been trying to take screenshots of my graphs when I figure out a tricky piece of script that I want to be able to reference later in case I need to do something similar in the future. I’ve actually wanted this feature for a long time. Of course it’s also useful for sharing with the community for troubleshooting and I would think it’d be especially useful in teaching as well.

+1, would really like this feature for exporting code so my computer science teacher can read through it all.