Export Alembic groom from 3Ds max

Hey all,
I’m trying to export my Hair and Fur WSM as an alembic file but for some reason, it’s exporting the geometry and when I bring it into UE4 it’s detecting it as either a static mesh or skeletal mesh and not as a groom file. I can’t seem to figure out what settings to use to get it to only export only the groom. I can’t uncheck the 2 selected nodes and ancestors which is where I think it’s grabbing the mesh from. Anyone know what settings to use? I’m in Max 2021 using the default alembic .abc export option.

Does no one have any idea how to fix this?

I guess you’re trying to export the max object with the hair&fur modifier applied. That’ll indeed (and correctly) write a 3D mesh in the alembic file.
What you need to do is convert the hair/fur generated by the modifier as a spline, and then export that.
Try the “Hair → Spline” fonction in the hair&fur “tools” section.

That’ll create a line object which you can export as an alembic file and import as a groom in UE4.
Hope this helps,


Oh thank you.
I ended up just using Blender as I found a step by step tutorial and it was really easy. I’d never used the program before but it was pretty simple with the tutorial. But thank you regardless. If I can stay in Max it’s even easier.