Export a camera stream to an external Application

Hey community,

I use the unreal Engine since it is usable for free for non commercial projekts. Now i try to use it for for my dissertation. So, at first i’ll give you some background informations:
I’am writing my Phd-thesis in the research area of autonomous systems. I try to use the unreal engine for testing self-learning control algorithms to test my algorithms in a simulation instead to destroy the real vehicles… for this, i have to simulate different sensors (like laser-distance measurment sensor and so on) for the vehicles. I transfer these sensor data to an external controlsoftware, to calculate the next vehicle operations. And the, i transfer the movement operations back to the unreal environment, to place the virtual vehicle. That works very fine! But now i have to implement a virtual camera, mounted on a virtual vehicle in the unreal simulation and i have to transfer the video stream to my external control application. How can i do that?

for now i have a virtual vehicle (Actor-Class) wich is extended with another AActor-Class which contained a camera and a screencapture component. In the HUD a can see the live image from the cam, mounted to the vehilce, in a seperated window.

But is it possible to produce a video stream for external applications, like to show a videostrem in unreal from a webcam???

Thank you very much for your help!!!

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maybe i have to try to ask these question in another main-area of the unreal forum to get an answer… Does anyone has an idea which subforum could be the right place for a communication-problem with external applications??


Have a look at Sharedsurface (google it). This needs to be implemented by yourself.

I’m also working on a similar project and need to get the live image stream from a vehicle mounted camera.

Are there any news on this topic? Does Unreal nowadays offer a built in solution for this?