Export a BSP blocked-out level to meshes/mesh group

Is it possible to export an entire BSP blocked-out Level, to something like obj or fbx?


I want to block out a scene in UE in actual scale, use it inside a modeling program as a reference while making my static meshes. So it would be great if it’s possible to export them as a whole, preferably, with the ability of keeping the meshes separated, and not all merged to one object.


I’m not a game designer, but want to create small scenes, such as a hallway, corridor, spaceship hangar, etc. I think this is important to mention, as I’m not looking to export a level with 500+ BSPs.


Select all of the BSPs in your scene> Convert to Static Mesh> Export Static Mesh

In saying that… Create a backup of your map, because the BSPs will disappear

Ahhh thank you.